We offer personal training for a range of clients. Young or old, fit or unfit, we can help. We sit down with you and get the best idea of what your goals are and strategise how we are going to achieve it. We use evidence to track your progress. We regularly use objective measures which are a great way to make sure that we remain on track. Once we get going we put you through a journey that we promise will put you against the right amount of pressure to turn you from a rock to a diamond.



We also offer Group training sessions at various pop up locations in London. These are aimed at combing competitiveness and intensity with a fun-factor for that full boot camp experience. If this something your interested contact us at info@mbglive.co.uk stating your interested in group training, your location and contact details. We will then keep you informed with our next available pop-up dates and locations.



We believe that dietary habits are more important than any training regime. This is why every year theres an increase in the number of healthy food related searches on the web. We understand that not everyone has the time or knowledge to develop an effective nutritional plan that facilitates the journey towards their goals. Thats where we are able to offer advice or develop a realistic nutritional plan to support your training.



 If your looking for an intense programme that pushes you to the edge and back, we can create a personalised training programme in your best interests. Our programmes ranges from 1 week to 12 week. Just tell us what you need.



We advise that everyone has an initial consultation with us so we can formally introduce ourselves and build our relationship. This also allows us to pinpoint your current lifestyle, fitness, strengths and weaknesses. The more we can extract from you the better we can strategise how we will move forward. Our consultation are completely confidential so we encourage being as honest as you can.



Knowledge is power. So through our blogs and newsletters we will be gifting you with fitness, health and nutritional knowledge on a regular basis which will cost you next to nothing. To see exactly what we mean click here.