"MBG successfully combines fun and workout into one. Where, as your working out you are enjoying the diverse exercises and using different techniques to work in the body parts that you need most. I never notice how effective it is until the next day."

- Anisa


"Getting back into shape has always been at the back of my mind. I watched the MBG motivational videos and was simply astounded by the amazing things they were doing with their bodies (one only needs to spend a few seconds on their social media to share the feeling of awe)."



"I was lifted off my feet with the passion, dedication and love that Chris and Osei displayed from the beginning right through to the end. There was a mix of fitness levels within the class and these two did a fantastic job at accommodating this, no one was held back or left behind. I really enjoyed the personal touch these two gave to their session; whenever I fell short they inspired and motivated me to push just a little bit harder. The session was challenging yet really fun, and I was certainly engaged throughout it (this is of great credit to the MBG team)."

"Overall it was a great environment to be a part of, and I can’t state how impressed I am, these two took every opportunity to go the extra mile, I will definitely be attending more of their sessions."

 - Jade


"I spent 6 weeks training with MBG and can confidently say I can see the difference. I told them that I wanted to define my glutes in a short space of time and they tailored my sessions to help me achieve my goal." 

 "They put so much effort into what they do. Very Impressed! Thanks Guys!"

 - Rachael


"MBG are my guardian angels! They took me on and trained me for 6 weeks. This was at a point of my life where I felt very low and frankly very lazy to look after myself physically and man did they make me a hottie and change my total mindset which has given me major confidence again within myself.MBG are very motivational and believe it is key to target the body but also target how to control your brain and what it feels it wants which keeps me eating much healthier than before."

"I not only feel better but I look much better and even though I still have a lot more work to do and I still have my lazy/off days they keep encouraging me and I feel I am part of a new family. The MBG family!!"

"After the 6 weeks was completed I also started to train with them in group sessions that they keep on the weekends. The integration with others and the push from Chris and Osei is immense and hard work, as I do not leave their sessions with one dry spot! MBG is truly something I will always be PROUD to be a part of."