Based in London, we have for a long time, had a passion for fitness and pushing ourselves beyond what some consider the "norm" just so we can say "Damn we look Good!"...Joke. Being the best version of ourselves fuels our passion. But what is so satisfying is helping people achieve their fitness goals through training, advice and building a rapport with clients. Harvesting this same focus, determination, and motivation from fitness will transcend into accomplishments in daily living; their homes, workplace, businesses and/or relationships. So as you can see, MBG to us is larger than a Rep, a set, a session or fitness. MBG, in essence, is the combination of factors, that we believe will help our clients in everyday life using the mental and physical demands of fitness, to achieve any goal clients may have. We know you must start within yourself in controlling your surroundings and we believe - like ourselves, training has liberated a mindset, essential for overcoming the ‘impossible’ and ‘incomprehensible’. We believe that the best way to get results from an individual is to understand the individual and through our fitness programmes and consultations we believe this will be achieved.


CEO - Christopher 

Born in North West London where I would adopt the name Christopher (quite boring I know). Who knew I would live in a world that would send so many opportunities, lifelong friends, hardship and tribulations. A time where fear, worry and struggle had less significance. A journey that any baby or child wouldn't see coming. Everything meant less, but nevertheless, you and I were born to adapt, crawl, walk, utter vowels and consonants which would later become syllables, words and sentences. Maybe simple at the time but incredibly significant in understanding the determination and consistency we have to carry throughout our entire life. As I continued to grow, like most kids I set my mind on a job I didn't fully understand. I ran into a room where my mother and father was and told them I want to be "The president of the United States Of America!" As you can tell I never lacked optimism especially considering I've never been to the U.S

Now a lot older I always reminisce about the times where I would go through phases of eating pizza's daily or eating a personal best of 11 plates of Chinese. Oh! and I forgot a box of 20 fried chicken wings on my journey home, just in time for dinner of course.

Now totally health conscious I don't eat chocolate, cheese, sweets, crisps, fizzy drinks and a lot more than I'm sure you all will be shocked to hear. You ask why? Like Oss, I want to live for a very long time and whilst on that mission, I'd like to influence positive change to anyone and everyone who gives me a chance. You say live a Little? Well yeah, that's the point. You'll be surprised how eating right can change your mood, immune system, energy levels and resolve many underlining diseases. Besides all the daily cheat meals, I've always been active and can count having signed up to 7 gyms in my life. Evidently, like a lot of things it took time before I got to where I am today. I had to learn the importance of patience and consistency. Doing it at my best or not doing it at all, but Hey, I'm far from perfect and had to learn many things the hard way. Let's just say having a Knee injury, groin injury, shoulder injury, wrist injury and lower back pains have taught me a bit about the do's and don't when training. With all of that said, when I left high school they gave us a chance to write a few words in our leaving book, I wrote "Get Bigger And Better", who knew those words would follow me today. Let's get it!

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“A true community is not just about being geographically close to someone or part of the same social web network. It is about feeling connected and responsible for what happens. Humanity is our ultimate community, and everyone plays a crucial role.” – Yehuda Berg


Our community infrastructure is getting pretty amazing right? However, are the people within the community evolving to become their best self? Have we built an environment that feels safe? On one end, we have elders scared and threatened by youngsters, and on the other end; we have many unconfident youngsters, who are committing a life of drugs, anti-social behaviours and violence. Last year, statistics show that Wembley had 679 anti-social behaviour acts and 659 violence and sexual offences. This made up 50% of all crime committed in Wembley. As if that wasn't enough, although this is hard to quantify, studies seem to show that there has been a drop in active role models/mentors. Health still needs a huge push especially on the younger generation who have become more inclined to sit in front of a T.V. and their phones. Every year we are discovering more and more people needing mental aid due to stress, whether it be at home or at school...


MBG strive to provide the highest quality fitness experience by not just assisting members to reach their health and fitness goals, but to also have a focus on members’ physical and emotional needs, interests and their abilities, whilst encouraging a healthy lifestyle. MBG has a unique set of values and beliefs, our main one being: ‘Get comfortable being uncomfortable’. This belief represents pushing past your comfort zone and always striving to become your best.


Our goal is to not only create a place to work out and get fit, but to build a community where it is a haven for people escaping other mental and life struggles society brings to us daily. We want to bring people from different backgrounds and classes together, to break down social barriers. Rather than creating an intimidating or daunting gym environment for some, or enforcing unaffordable membership fees, we want to create a positive environment, where people feel empowered and encouraged, not only by staff but also by other members. We want people to pursue their fitness goals and their life aspirations too. We want to create a place members can look forward to after a long day of work. This is more than a gym; this is a community for anybody and everybody. With this all said, our first initiative is an outdoor workout area massively concentrated on the rising fascination of body weight exercise and callisthenics.



  • Falling crime rate
  • Stronger community
  • Centre alternative (With minimal fees .i.e. maintenance)
  • Encourage a healthier community with outdoor sessions
  • Breaking down social barriers
  • Eco-friendly
  • Changing the mindset of young people
  • Change the perception of how young people are viewed
  • Affordability for all



Yes, we are measured by the physical benefits, but we want to bring social benefits too. A sign of success would be for the local community to embrace us. Using our local knowledge and experience as working professionals, we intend to have notable influence by being able to communicate to the local youth, which can bring improvements to the community.

Using our wealth of experience of group and personal training with solid workout settings, workout sessions, dependable personal trainers and dynamic group classes, MBG is the perfect example of a local business improving the community.


How we are going to get there?

MBG are always looking for people to work alongside to make our visions a reality. We come from a strong background in Personal Training, Construction, Finance and Marketing and have over the last 3 years established valuable resources within industries such as Design, Photography, Videography, Architecture, Graphic Design, Personal Training, Social Work and approx. 35 others who are ready to give a helping hand. To assist with the publicity of these projects and creating a medium for other districts/countries, we’ve also focused on this very website alongside our social media currently consisting of approx. 4.5K followers and growing. With this outreach, we hope we can make this vision a reality and capture, influence and portray what we all can do as a community in a positive light.


If you believe you have the ability or credentials to assist in the community project depicted in our vision above, we urge you to contact us at our email info@mbglive.co.uk with your name, background and a short description of how you believe you could help make our and/or your community become a better one.

Alternatively, if you believe you have an idea of your own to improve our community and think MBG could help, again contact us on the email above. It’s no secret that our community has a long way to go, however, we feel that every step whether a small one or big one is a significant one! Let’s go!

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller