Looking for a permanent way to achieve your aimed fitness goal? Join MBGLive's all-inclusive Fitness Group Classes and get ready to take your fitness journey to the next level of athleticism. 

At MBGLive, our highly professional fitness trainers conduct numerous high resistance workout sessions along with regular and tailor-made training activities. With each comings session, we create an unforgettable experience, improving your mental and physical health simultaneously. At MBGLive, we believe in bringing a health-driven change in the community as a whole. And, therefore we have introduced the Group Fitness Classes where each one of our clients will be able to feel the sense of togetherness while achieving their individual fitness goals.

Our Fitness Group Classes are packed with dynamic sessions and activities of different intensities. Along with that, we have highly skilled personal trainers who will provide you with constant guidance at every step of your fitness journey. We take all our clients' health goals, sincerely. Hence, we emphasise primarily on creating an environment where people of all ages, weight goals, genders, etc. can come and achieve their set goals efficiently. 

So, whether you are looking for steady fitness sessions or high-intensity workouts, MBGLive's uniquely designed Fitness Group Classes will serve justice to all your health-specific purposes. 

Now find MBGLive at a Pop-up location near you! If you are looking for an all-inclusive Boot Camp experience, then make sure to visit MBGLive's Pop-up locations around the city. Our pop-up classes will help you get an insight into the MBGLive's top-of-the-line fitness training sessions. So, look out for our next available Pop-up dates and locations and if you want to know more about our training sessions, reach us out anytime, and our team will assist you with all the queries and information.