2020 is here! This is the year we finally stick to not only our fitness goals but life goals too. No doubt we all have at least one thing we want to be able to say we have been successful in accomplishing for 2020. Here are our top picks for how best to succeed with your fitness and life goals for 2020. 


  1. Productive sessions with or without a partner

It's all about being flexible and having productive sessions both when you’re with your gym partner or alone. Yes, it is proven that when you train with someone you are more likely to stay motivated with your fitness goals because you ‘bounce’ off each other and push each other past your mental limits.

However, learning to cultivate the same intensity when training by yourself will give you the flexibility of smashing your fitness goals with or without your workout partner. This will translate into other areas such as smashing your occupational and other recreational goals. You will also lower your incidence of anxiety and self-doubt in your own ability if you can successfully accomplish your goals without anybody else. This is not to say you should go solo in everything you wish to achieve but by exploring your own individual potential, you create flexibility in achieving your goals with or without likeminded others.


  1. Fear

Fear in life is unavoidable but how we choose to deal with it is completely under our control. For example in a gym, lifting a weight you have never lifted before, in what feels like a room full of judges scrutinising your every move will bring fear. However, this can be inspiring or intimidating. Similarly, at work, we may not want to do give that presentation to 500 colleagues but how we choose to handle the situation is completely under our control. We can either prepare for it and deliver it best we can or we can become overwhelmed and run away from the opportunity. Our natural default would be to avoid the situation because we consider it out of our circle of comfort.

Of course, these are overly simplified examples however I am highlighting how our challenges in life throw us into our primal fight or flight responses. We can either choose to tackle the challenge head-on or we can run away from it. The fears you encounter in your life are inevitable and continuous so the sooner you get comfortable with being in uncomfortable situations the more you will trigger your primal ‘fight’ response which will give you the resilience and strengths to learn from failures and become successful in your craft.

Again, I am not now saying throw yourself in the deep end and stress yourself out with challenges but just be mindful that everybody starts from somewhere so begin with small challenges that create a small degree of self-doubt but give you enough motivation to overcome them. Examples include teaching yourself to balance for 30 seconds in a freestanding handstand or learning to speak the basics of a foreign language.


3. Know what you're doing

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail”, said by some important person at some point in history. This couldn’t be truer for your fitness and life challenges. When you have an overarching goal, like completing a marathon or being the top healthcare professional in your team, this creates a clearer picture in your head about what you need to do to achieve the goal. This allows you to break down this main goal into lots of little but consistently achievable goals such as, eating the right foods every day to best refuel between runs, or setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier so you are the first person into work because it allows you to prepare a strategy to be most productive. By knowing what you want to achieve and having a plan you are setting yourself up to achieve success through preparation and proactivity. Yes, there will be mistakes along the way but the amount of time taken learning from the unnecessary mistakes will be reduced.


4. The basics are your foundation.

We have all heard the saying ‘back to basics’ and there is a wealth of growth that comes from this saying. By mastering the basics in your craft, you give yourself a stable foundation to build from. For example, mastering how to perform a mechanically efficient handstand will provide a stable platform to accomplish the progressions; straddle, tuck and pike handstand. However, the point is to never forget the basics you undertook when you got started in the first place and to consistently ground yourself and ‘check in’ on them throughout your journey. This isn’t to say never progress from the basics but it is better to execute one skill thoroughly than to execute many skills aimlessly. This is critical to achieving success.


  1. Know when to stop

Sometimes less is more. An example of this is that this that 1 hour of focused and intense training will ALWAYS supersede 3 hours of ‘light’, disorientated training. Again, this comes back to knowing your goals and approaching them in small chunks, but with fierce intensity and focus over days/months and even years. This is in contrast to the approach of trying to accomplish the whole goal in just one day. Again this is overly simplified but provides context with the importance of approaching your goals with a “one day at a time” mentality than an all or nothing approach.

These are our top picks for achieving success in 2020. If you found a lot of value from this content please share it and show some love on our social media.


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About the Author

Christopher Djan is a passionate health and fitness enthusiast that consistently delivers results for his clients. He has been in the fitness industry for over 7 years and has amassed much of his knowledge through a variety of clientele and self-learning. He works at the forefront of creating innovative strategies for client-based goals and breaking through boundaries encountered. He has currently stolen "When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful!" as his own.



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